Monday, June 29, 2015

Halfway Through + Whole30 Day 15

Today marks the halfway point in my Whole30. Here's how I'm feeling so far:

The Good
  • Less bloated
  • Appreciating and trying new vegetables
  • Paying attention to eating what's in season
  • Some problem areas like "saddlebags" and "muffin top" have thinned out
  • Energy levels are on the up and up
  • Will power to saying no to desserts is pretty solid
  • No major slip ups
  • No mindless snacking
The Bad
  • I really want tortilla chips and queso. Its a craving growing stronger everyday.
  • It's a TON of meal prep
  • I'm paying almost 2x the amount on groceries from all the fresh produce
  • Can't eat out much
  • I feel like I barely have time to work out because whenever I'm home, I'm cooking
  • I'm pretty sure my boobs have gotten smaller. This was not intended. 

Overall it is making me look at food differently and how I fuel myself. I know that I will continue to have Whole30 compliant meals after the plan, but I at this stage in my life, I can't afford to eat fresh meat and produce 24/7. I need those staple grains like rice and bread to also keep me full while being super cheap.

 Take a look at what you buy. I made a trip to Costco today. How I wished I could buy pre-prepared or semi-prepared foods, but if you look on the ingredient list I can almost guarantee there's added sugar in every. single. thing. Even if you don't do a Whole30, consider trying some time off of sugar. I had no idea how it was literally in everything.

I'm really interested to see how dairy affects me when I reintroduce it. I have a feeling it was what caused a lot of my bloating. We'll see. 

Also, you may be wondering why I am posting what I'm eating every single day. Honestly, its more for my benefit that anyone else's. I like being able to look back, especially if I do something like this again. I also wanted to show people what eating like this could look like. 

Day 15
7:15 am Turkey patty topped with a fried egg and kimchi, olives, and asparagus. If you would've shown me this pre-Whole30 and told me I would eat it for breakfast one day, I would've laughed in your face. 
12:30pm Turkey patty topped with rainbow salsa. 2 roasted peppers. A peach and a nut mix.
3:45pm RX Bar
7:45pm banana
8:45pm Citrus baked salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts topped with balsamic vinegar
Strawberries topped with coconut cream. This is totally a dessert and I totally don't regret it.

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