Monday, June 1, 2015

Where the Wine is Bottled Poetry

Similar to SF in a day, I wanted to give my best friend a taste of wine country. Here's how the day went. 
11:00 AM: Arrive in Wine Country. Make sure to stop for a picture on your way in at the Napa sign, because on the way out it will be packed. 

11:30AM-1PM: We started our day at Robert Mondavi for their Signature Tour. Robert Mondavi Winery was instrumental in putting Napa on the map so this tour gives you a great history of Napa in general, as well as their wines. 
Baby Wine Grapes
Wine grapes are still babies!
Did I mention Napa is my favorite?
Mondavi also has incredible art. 
1:00-1:15PM: Go crazy in the gift shop for their Unoaked Chardonnay.

1:30PM: Lunch at Travigne Pizza! Get the Diavolo, super spicy and super good. 

2:30PM: Tasting at Franscican winery. Good weather + holiday weekend = lots of tour buses.
Shoutout to the dadbod photo bomber. 
3:30PM: Arrive at Artesa Winery. It was also busy so instead of doing a tasting, we took glasses of wine out to their patio for some fabulous views.
Artesa Winery
Artesa Winery
5:00PM: We saved money by heading back to my place for dinner. We had Shauna Niequist's Ravinia pasta salad, wine and berry crumble. We also watched another JLo romcom. 
Ravinia Pasta Salad

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