Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whole30 Day 17 + What to Eat If You Have An Upset Stomach

7:00 am A cup of chicken stock and some faux oatmeal. My stomach was still iffy.

12:30pm Turkey patty and roasted sweet potato

5:30 Vegetable soup: ate around corn, peas and green beans. 
Today I still didn't feel great. I was definitely on the up, but not 100%. I talked to a co-worker who lives a pretty Whole30 lifestyle about how I was feeling. Usually when I'm feeling sick, I turn to bland foods like toast, oatmeal, crackers, ect. I didn't want to break my Whole30 after being halfway through so I asked what she recommended to eat. She said Bone Broth is good for your gut and to get you rehydrated. She also recommended starchy veggies that would be easy on my stomach like butternut squash, sweet potato and pumpkin. She also said that even baby food would work.

I didn't have bone broth, but I had chicken stock so I sipped that like tea this morning. I kept my lunch bland so that I wouldn't have any issues. For dinner, I didn't have anything prepared (because of my migraine the night before) so I picked up some Amy's Organic Vegetable Soup. It was one of the few soups that didn't have preservatives, sugar, ect so I grabbed it without looking at what vegetables are in it. Well, it has corn (a grain) and peas (a legume) which are off limits on Whole30. It also had green beans, which have upset my stomach in the past so I wasn't about to try it now. Basically I drank the broth and ate the occasional carrot. It was not fun. It's this kind of stuff that's getting annoying on the plan. So much meal prep and just overall so much thinking about food.

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