Saturday, July 4, 2015

Whole30 Day 20

10:30am - Faux oatmeal (Side note: I slept for 11 HOURS. I needed a long weekend friends)
1:00pm Salad from Panera (see rant below)
6:00 pm Leftover pulled pork, roasted carrots and brussel sprouts and watermelon

Panera Rant:There is nothing Whole30 at Panera, a seemingly "healthy" food option. We tried to go to Chipotle and it was closed for the 4th so I had to go to Panera. The only thing that was Whole30 was a salad without cheese, croutons or dressing. I got a kale salad and asked for lemon on the side to squeeze on. I alternated bites with apple so I didn't totally gag. I still ended up ordering the chicken even though it has dextrose (sugar) in it. I needed protein. I'm pretty over eating out on Whole30, but even after Whole30 I will not be going back to Panera.

Holiday Rant: Being Whole30 on a holiday SUCKED. All I wanted was a burger (with a bun) or a popsicle or slice of berry pie. I know that so much of this is training your brain to not use food as reward, but if I'm learning anything its that food isn't just a reward, but used in celebration as well and I'm totally missing out. I spent a good hour trying to find a BBQ sauce without sugar (doesn't exist unless you make it yourself). I've read so many blogs about people feeling empowered by Whole30, but I feel like I'm totally depriving myself and that is making me hate food. I'm tired of spending so much time preparing food and meal planning. I'm tired of spending so much money on food. I hate that I way over-analyze everything I put in my mouth and that so much of my time is spent thinking about food. If I wasn't blogging this, I can't honestly say I would still be on it. 10.more.days.

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