Monday, July 6, 2015

Whole30 Day 22

6:45 3 scrambled eggs with cilantro and kimchi, half an avocado and roasted sweet potatoes
12:00 Leftover pulled pork, zoodles, carrots and salad. Pretty random. 

3:30 Avocado with salt and pepper

6:30 Post-workout RxBar

8:30 Chili from the Whole30 cookbook (I still miss tortilla chips)
I'm a little bit over my annoyance over food from this weekend. Probably because it's easy to be in a routine and have the restrictions. If anything, I really feel like I'm hitting the "tiger blood" part of Whole30 where my energy is really up and stays steady throughout the day. Doing some meal prep tonight so I have stuff for the week!

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