Sunday, July 12, 2015

Whole30 Day 28

10:30 am Faux-oatmeal (another 11 hours of sleep!!!) Also, I've been doing some shopping at a local Sprouts store and I like the prices, but the produce is super sub-par. It may be organic, but I swear it all goes bad within 24 hours. I bought that peach the day before and I cut into it and it was brown!
12:45pm Leftover roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato and pork tenderloin.
4:45 pm Chipotle salad with salsa, canitas and guacamole.

11:00pm Fried egg

So today was very much a leftover day. I went grocery shopping, but I didn't feel like making anything so I got Chipotle. For some reason I had major stomach pains afterwards. As Matt pointed out "Chipotle is the most un-Whole30 Whole30 thing you've eaten in a month" so maybe thats why? I was laying in bed hoping my stomach would stop hurt. Eventually it did and then I was lying awake thinking about how hungry I was. So I ate a fried egg as a midnight snack. It was delicious.

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