Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whole30 Day 30 + What's Next

It's Day 30! My last day of having to make every single meal and checking every single label. So what's next? There's a reintroduction period where I bring back food groups. I'm going to be doing my own based on my schedule and making sure to take notes on how things make me feel. Overall I have a lot of thoughts of eating, Whole30 and food right now so I'm going to take a few days to see how bringing back food makes me feel and then do a wrap-up post.

One thing that I've loved from the program is that I don't feel bloated. I haven't felt gassy, though my stomach has been upset a few times. I went into this wanting to feel better and I also ended up losing five lbs and half an inch around my waist, hips and upper thigh. I definitely feel trimmer and people at work have made comments as well. I didn't go into this to lose the weight, but it is definitely nice to see those results after a long, hard month. 

I'll report back soon!

6:30am Roasted sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg, burger patty and olives
12:30pm Leftover tilapia and leftover curried cauliflower
4:00pm RxBar and kiwi
6:45pm Post-workout burger patty and curried cauliflower
I feel like this last dinner was pretty lame and that I should've gone out of my Whole30 with a steak and a vegetable extravaganza. Alas, it was a normal Tuesday where I usually stay after to work out and then go to Bible study so I needed something quick. Also, I cannot afford steak. More on how Whole30 impacted my grocery bill later. (Hint: Not good)

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