Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Katy's Kitchen Tour

Cookbook collection
Vintage zucchini print + cookbook collection
So I've been living in my apartment for five months now and after a recent trip to the flea market, it feel like it's finally come together. I recently was told that I have "Grandma-style", but I'm taking it as a compliment. The rest of my apartment has modern pieces, but the kitchen is all me and almost all from some sort of flea market. 

All the frames in my kitchen were picked up at a $5 frame sale at Michaels. Decorating your kitchen can be cute and cheap! I also keep all of my cookbooks in a pile in my kitchen. It makes it easy access to recipes and looks pretty cute too. I just made sure that it was on the opposite side of my stove so I didn't get too many oil stains on them. 

Entire Kitchen
Here's a full (dark) picture for reference
I love the layout of my kitchen. Its a square with tons of counter space. I really like my kitchen triangle (Fridge - Stove - Sink). Theres plenty of workspace next to each, but they aren't too far away so that I can easily move between. 

Near the Fridge

Kitchenaid Mixer
Tomato Print
Picked up this print at an antique shop in Monterey. I love that it says "The Wonderful Cooking Sauce from California!"

Sink Area
I love having a windowsill next to my sink for flowers and my air plant. 
Wine Rack
Wine rack from World Market. Tomato hanging from a flea market in IL. 
There's tons of storage and drawers in my kitchen. There are still some without anything in them!
Pepper Print
Vintage pepper print from a flea market. S & P shakers from Target. 

Overall, I was able to decorate on the cheap and I have a bright and colorful workspace to work in and be inspired. It's basically my favorite room in the house.

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