Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where I'm At: October

Where I'm At October

Where am I right now?

Trying new recipes. Loving this one from Stupid Easy Paleo.

Learning about the importance of bone health.

Loving that I feel like I've finally found a good group of friends out here. 

Brainstorming and writing a lot of fiction lately. 

Happy that so many family members have visited this month.

Listening to Adele's new single (nonstop). 

Interested in making cheese! Recently got this cookbook

Excited for the next season of Serial. 

Working on finding balance. Lately I've been putting everything into the M-F grind and being totally dead on weekends. 

Missing my sister. She's such a world traveler!

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm going to a writer's workshop with her next month!

Craving my favorite pasta. The perfect winter comfort food.

Looking forward to Matt's birthday!

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