Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Short Trip to Copenhagen

This past week I had the opportunity to visit my company's headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. I found it to be pretty similar to Chicago — cold, gray, dark, but the Danes have found their own ways to stay warm and cozy (hygge). Candles are literally everywhere — little tealights in the windowsill, big wax dripping pillar candles lining the stairs and tapers on tables. I loved how cozy it felt. 
Here are a few pictures from my trip. 
The sun rises late and sets early since its so far North. This was taken around lunch time. 
Gym at our office.

Delicious sushi :)
Can't forget dessert.
Perch's tea being measured.
Enjoying a flødboller. (marzipan, creamy marshmallow covered in chocolate)
Most of my short time there was spent working, but here are a few recommendations:

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