Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wedding Planning: Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

Update (9/15/16): Weddington Way has since changed their product offerings After seeing the quality and styles of what they have available and some unfortunate customer service issues, I would no longer recommend using Weddington Way for bridesmaid dresses. 

It's been a month since my last post — the past few weeks have been crazy as I've made my way across the country. I'm currently visiting my parents in Chicago before I head to my final destination in Atlanta after Easter.

My last weekend in California coincided with a friends business trip so she was able to spend the weekend with me. Elyse has been my friend since we were less than two years old. We've rarely lived in the same place, but she's always been by my side so before I even decided on my bridal party, it was a given that she was in it. (Honestly, I think Elyse is even more excited for my wedding than I am).

I had bigger things to worry about than bridesmaid dresses (you know, moving across the country, setting a date and finding a venue), but I knew from the start that I would be using Weddington Way
A few summers ago, I was in my friend Paige's wedding and she used the site. She chose several options and all the bridesmaids got to comment and vote until we came up with a decision. It was perfect option for a bridal party where each bridesmaid was in a different state.

They have tons of styles and options and I love their advanced search feature – you can sort the dresses by price point, color, length, material....you name it!

I started looking at some of their options and learned that Weddington is based in SF and that they currently had a pop up shop. Elyse and I made an appointment and stopped by when I was in town. 
All I really knew is that I wanted cocktail-style dress for the girls to wear. In my showroom online, I chose a few that fit my vision.

Once we arrived at the Love Pop Shop, we were greeted with glasses of champagne. Our assigned stylist then pulled several of the dresses I had chosen online for Elyse to try on. They had all the dresses in racks by designer and all of my choices were from the same rack which made defining my style pretty easy.

Within an hour Elyse had tried on several dresses and had narrowed it down to the final choice after Facetiming my sister. I can't wait to ask my bridesmaids (coming soon!) and show them the beautiful Audrey Hepburn style dress we picked out :)

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