Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wedding Planning: Asking My Bridesmaids

Honestly guys — I'll tell anyone that picking bridesmaids is by far the hardest part of wedding planning thus far. I have a lot of really good friends and after looking at the list, it was either ask everyone or a select few. I decided to keep it small and simple — four girls, from four seasons of my life. 

asking bridesmaids
When it came to asking them, I wanted something that I could DIY (yay creative energy from moving) without getting out of hand and also represent my wedding.
I was initially inspired by EliseJoy's DIY wedding —she asked her bridesmaids with a beautiful envelope pocket filled with some info cards. 
bridesmaid cards
I decorated the outside with washi tape and a champagne flute 3-D sticker. I added a circle sticker and wrote "Will you be my bridesmaid?"
cards for bridesmaid
Inside is the pocket envelope that I mentioned. I simple slipped two envelopes together and covered the flap with this pretty succulent paper from Paper Source. My colors are navy, green and gold so I thought this represented my wedding well :)
asking my bridesmaid
Inside I put four cards: 1. When: dates and times for events that are already in the works like the rehearsal dinner, wedding, etc., 2. Who: a brief introduction to everyone in the wedding party + their Instagram username 3. Wear: the dresses I've already picked out and 4. What: a bit more about the wedding. 
wedding planning
I bought A6 cards from Paper Source and set up the size in Word to make these little cards. They still didn't print totally centered, but they work. 
airplant cork magnets
In addition to the envelope pocket, I included a picture frame and jewelry dish (from Hobby Lobby) as well as an airplant cork magnet. Got to give it a little Katy flavor. 

asking my bridesmaids
I'm so excited to have my ladies by my side. Now that we're getting settled in Atlanta, it's time for Matt and I to get down to planning.

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