Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Infused Waters Obsession

infused water
I now understand why it's called Hotlanta. There have been several days down here when it's been 90+ with high humidity and it is rough. I spend most of my days indoors working at a desk, but I've been more cognizant about drinking water to keep from getting dehydrated. 

Drinking water all day is BORING so I've been played around with a few different infusions. I got this cute carafe at IKEA so I fill it up in the morning, add some fruit + herbs and by lunch it's delicious and I drink it all afternoon.

A few of my favorite combos:
Lime + mint
Lemon + basil
Cucumber + mint
Lemon + lime
Strawberry + lime
Just plain mint

Sometimes I even use sparkling water (gasp). It gives it a little extra kick. And when I'm not making my own sparkling infusions, I love these from Trader Joes.

Stay hydrated, my friends. 

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